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                       The Noise Is Gone, Best PTSD Treatment


If you're on the fence about the treatment, don't be !!!  After my first injections I immediately noticed the "noise" had gone away.. I cried on the table and was apologetic to my wife for the crap I had said.

Dr. Lynch will talk with you the whole time during the procedure. I was kind of  scared about the procedure messing with my progress I had personally made and it only improved my personal gains. 

My wife and I had gone to the mall in Annapolis, and for the first time ever I wasn't uncomfortable in a store. It was shocking to say the least. 

It is honestly the best treatment for PTSD. I now have a great life and an optimistic future. While I still have symptoms and other things keeping up with my therapist I have made substantial progress. The noise is still quelled. And I have been sober and clean now for 9 months. 10/10 DO IT!!!!

David B       April 2023

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